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SOUND(ING) SYSTEMS: From A Whisper To A Riot

DJ Uta, Sarah Farina, Perera Elsewhere

'From a Whisper To A Riot' is a mesmerising sonic performance by DJ Uta, Sarah Farina and Perera Elsewhere placed right within the exhibition 'Schizo Sonics' by the Berlin based artist Nik Nowak at KINDL - Center for Contemporary Art. Surrounded by Nowak's exhibits, the three DJs created an immersive set consisting of three parts: Whisper, Uprising, Riot which seek to address music in its emancipatory and political terms. With its call for aid the artists appeal for the support of the Sea Watch Crew that fights Europe's politics of indifference towards the Mediterranean Sea in continuously advocating the sea rescue of refugees.

The performance is part of the 'SOUND(ING) SYSTEMS' program featuring the symposium on 'The Cold War Continuum' and the musical interventions 'A War of Decibels' and 'Crossing Boarders'. More info

Sarah Farina is an activist, DJ and producer based in Berlin. Bio
DJ Uta is a DJ, promoter, and radio host based in Berlin. Bio
Perera Elsewhere is a DJ, producer, song-writer, and musician based in Berlin Bio

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