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Con quên bảo rằng/I forgot to tell you

Ái-Như Võ

The work "Con quên bảo rằng - I forgot to tell you" is a bilingual video essay that shows a labyrinth of memory spaces which arose from the confrontation and research on the American war in Vietnam.

The work is a personal revision and narrated from a 3rd generation perspective of (someone) growing up geographically and temporally far from war. It addresses the 2nd generation, the parental generation, who were never able to come to terms with their experiences caused by the war due to a lack of protected spaces, and whose perspective is marginalized in the historical documentation.

"Con quên bảo rằng - I forgot to tell you" is part of a website that additionally contextualizes the video and shows parts of the research journey.

Ái-Như is an illustrator living in Hamburg. Her current work deals with sibling relationships - the biologically given and the chosen ones - and how these shape one's own understanding of togetherness and care, as well as the subject of growing up with collectivistic values in a hyper-individualistic society. She uses the architecture of playgrounds and labyrinths to locate memories and illustrate conflicts of thought.

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