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La Música Es Una Cadena

Zuréh Jaramillo Rima

Video-Performance by Zuréh Jaramillo Rima as part of the seminar 'On remembrance' by Maria F. Scaroni
Text for the Lipsinc from the Documentary 'Into a Space of Love' by Wu Tsang
Music by DJ Trajic - Latinos In The House
Special Thanks to: MariaS, DerinC, DashaB, DavidDL and AnnavG

This work is dedicated to all people that have turned their struggles into something joyful through art. And people that are petty-minded towards 'loud' and 'colorful' cultures and groups.

Zuréh (she/her) is a dancer and performer from Colombia of Afro-Caribbean, Arabic and U.S. American descent based in Hamburg. She is also a DJ under the name yung_womb and co-founder and member of the female* BIPoC DJ network SLICunit. She has worked with choreographers such as José Vidal, Judith Sanchez, Brontez Purnell and Barbara Schmidt Rohr. Her own work has been presented at festivals and exhibitions such as Selva Festival in Hamburg, Wisp-Laboratory in Leipzig and Soñando Mojado Cyberfestival. With her performances she explores ways to penetrate contemporary concepts with the aesthetics of pop culture and mass media, always reconnecting the mind with the culo, navigating with her art the controversies surrounding her persona. Zuréh has a BA degree in Visual Arts, Music and Modern Media: Organization and Presentation and is currently studying Dance, Context and Choreography at the HZT-Berlin.

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