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Excerpts from Rebellion


woman facing left in black and white

person strectching with their back against the floor woman facing the camera with blue light person lying with their face on a mirror

artist - Maŕa
creative director - Maŕa Peralta, Chamberlain Zhang & ChengCheng
costume designer - ChengCheng
look 1: Chengcheng - Wearable Sculpture, Maŕa Peralta Studio Reconstruct dress and chain accessories
look 2: Noage 
director of photography - Jay Debouis
visual projection designer - Iain Nah
production assistance - Sasha Alexander
make up and hair - Tati Thunder
film photography - Neta Elias

"'Rebellion' was released on the label Air Texture, apart from a 2 sided non-dance floor compilation curated by Silent Servant & Rrose. While writing and composing new music, it is all just a feeling for me, I want listeners to be able to understand and feel the emotions I have inside. Rebellion truly represents that sonically and visually. It is also a representation of the struggle of breaking through the industry and encourages women and the gay community to be strong and follow their passion. Most importantly, it continues to challenge the male dominated status quo. Visually 'Rebellion' is subjective, giving the viewers a subjective experience with their relationship to this being from the outside of their experience."

Maŕa (she/her) is an experimental artist and the founder of Cultivated Sound, exploring the sounds between ambient, experimental music and deep bass rhythm is Maŕa's expertise. Her sound, evoking images of a distant universe, is a synthesis of deep, complex atmospheres and punchy rhythms tinged with dance-floor grit.

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